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No.54 Shih Jie Lyu
呂詩捷老師(lǚ shī jié)



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Languages Supported    Chinese   Japanese  
Supported Lessons Regular Chinese Lesson/Business Chinese/Chinese Test Preparation/Chinese lessons for children/C-POP
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國立政治大學華語文教學中心〈華語師資培訓暑期密集基礎非學分班結業證書〉Chinese Language Training Course Completion
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test(N1)

2024年3月 -Lessons begin at TCEC
Experience as a Chinese teacher dispatched within Taiwan (more than 1 year)

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Nice to meet you. I have been interested in languages since college and have learned several languages, but even now I can still only speak Japanese. I think it's because I went to a language school for about two and a half years, and after that, I keep using Japanese all the time, for example by being exposed to Japanese blogs, novels, music and videos. My Chinese classes are also mainly taught using textbooks, but I also offer classes to check conversations and compositions, and use videos to learn expressions commonly used by native speakers, so please feel free to contact me.

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