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No.26 Elaine Hsu
許惠嵐老師(xǔ huì lán)


【Student feedback】

★★★★★ジュニアレッスンを受けさせました。子供のレベルに合わせてやさしく教えてくださいました。子供も楽しく受講できました。ありがとうございました。 ★★★★★住んでいる場所や台湾の好きなもの/ことの話題を考えて授業に活かしてくれるので、毎回とても楽しいです。 ★★★★★レッスンの進め方が良く、説明も明瞭でわかりやすかったです!
Languages Supported     Chinese  Taiwanese  English 
Supported Lessons Regular Chinese Lesson/Chinese Test Preparation/Chinese lessons for children/C-POP
academic background

TCSOL國際漢語師資(International Chinese Teacher Certification)
TCYL少兒漢語師資(Chinese Teacher Certification)
CTCO線上教學師資(Chinese Teacher Certification)

September 2023- Lessons begin at TCEC
Taipei Language and Culture School (experience as a Chinese teacher)
Taipei New Residents Association (experience as Chinese tutor)
Experienced Chinese tutor in Taiwan

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Hello, I am Elaine. Since kindergarten my dream was to be a teacher,but I didn’t like studying at that time until I met a patient teacher in the elementary school. She inspired me and changed my life.
I like to learn language ​​while traveling. I ever went to Los Angeles to travel and learn English. Also ever taught Chinese at a junior high school in northern Thailand. To be a teacher is really amazing and welcome to join my Chinese class.

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